How Far Along Am I?

Start/LMP Date: Mar 3, 2023
Your baby's due Dec 8, 2023.

You are



and 0 days
Today (Jun 9, 2023)

Your Baby is as Big as a

Size of baby: Peach


Your Progress


Baby is due in

26 weeks

Due date calendar black chalkboard for December 8, 2023

Baby Stats at 14 Weeks

(8.7 cm)
Crown to Rump Length

1.52 oz
(43 grams)

How's Baby Getting Along?

Baby: Baby's hair will start growing for the first time on the head, face and body.

You have been pregnant for

141,339 Minutes
2,355 Hours
98 Days
3 Months and 6 Days

How much time is left?

261,861 Minutes
182 Days
26 Weeks
5 Months
and 29 Days

Counting Tip

Each Friday you are one week closer to your due date.

How Far Along Am I Summary

How many weeks am I? You are 14 weeks and 0 days.
How many months am I? You are 3 Months and 6 days.

This page is based on the following due date formats:

December 8th, 2023, Dec 8, 2023, 12/8/23, 12/8/2023 - US, CA.
08/12/2023, 8/12/2023 - UK, IN, AU, NZ