How Far Along Am I?

Start/LMP Date: May 5, 2023
Your baby's due Feb 9, 2024.

You are



and 0 days
Today (Jun 9, 2023)

Your Baby is as Big as an

Size of baby: Apple Seed

Apple Seed

Your Progress


Baby is due in

35 weeks

Due date calendar black chalkboard for February 9, 2024

Baby Stats at 5 Weeks

(0.3 cm)
Crown to Rump Length

How's Baby Getting Along?

Baby: Brain, Eyes, Heart, Liver, Arms, Legs, Tail are all forming.

You have been pregnant for

50,687 Minutes
844 Hours
35 Days
1 Month and 4 Days

How much time is left?

352,513 Minutes
245 Days
35 Weeks
8 Months
and 0 Days

Counting Tip

Each Friday you are one week closer to your due date.

How Far Along Am I Summary

How many weeks am I? You are 5 weeks and 0 days.
How many months am I? You are 1 Months and 4 days.

This page is based on the following due date formats:

February 9th, 2024, Feb 9, 2024, 02/9/24, 2/9/2024 - US, CA.
09/02/2024, 9/2/2024 - UK, IN, AU, NZ