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Pregnant woman often ask how many months am I and this calculator will answer that by calculating how many calendar months have elapsed from the start of your last menstrual period or ultrasound start date until the present time.

Pregnancy is commonly counted from a woman's last period and includes two weeks before conception actually occurs. This is known as gestational dating.

Our how many months am I calculator uses your due date to calculate how many calendar months and days you are pregnant.

Please note: on this site, all references to months are to Gregorian calendar months. Traditionally obstetricians counted pregnancy in months that were 4 weeks long or 28 days. In general obstetricians no longer count months (of any length) and months are not part of the official terminology in dating pregnancy.

Understanding Months Passed

One Month from Any Day is Defined as:
The time from a chosen day of a calendar month to the corresponding day of the next month.
January 10, 2024 to February 10, 2024 = 1 month
1/10/2024 to 2/10/2024 = 1 month

How to Calculate: How Many Months Am I?

To calculate how many months' pregnant you are:

Start from the first day of your last menstrual period or start date calculated from ultrasound.
Then count forward one month until you get to the corresponding numerical day.
Repeat until you reach today's date.
LMP = 12/2/17 = Dec 2, 2017
Current date = 2/6/17 = Feb 6, 2017

1 month = 1/2/17 = Jan 2, 2017
2 months = 2/2/17 = Feb 2, 2017
Days Difference = 4

Months counted = 2.
You are 2 Months and 4 Days' pregnant.

If your LMP date falls on a date in a month with more than 28 days (that is, your LMP is on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month), then you must count to the last day of the next month if the next month does not contain the day you are counting. Go back to your LMP date when you reach months that contain it.
LMP = March 31, 2017

1 month = April 30, 2017
2 months = May 31, 2017
3 months = June 30, 2017
And so on..

How Many Months Does Pregnancy Last?

The average pregnancy lasts approximately 280 days from the first day of the last menstrual period until birth.

This works out to about 9 months and approximately 7 days, depending on the particular months being counted.

If pregnancy is counted from conception, instead of the previous period, the length is 266 days from conception to estimated due date. This works out at approximately 8 months and 24 days, depending on the particular months being counted.

Does Pregnancy last 10 Months?

Yes ... No .....

The common idea of 10 months of pregnancy came about because obstetricians traditionally counted pregnancy in months that were exactly 4 weeks long. Using these 4-week months, an average 40 week pregnancy lasts 10 months.

Unfortunately, this does not line up well with the calendar months we use in everyday life, most of which are approximately 4 and a half weeks long. When measuring pregnancy by calendar months, an average pregnancy lasts about nine months plus one week (counting from the start of the last menstrual period).

Over the course of a typical pregnancy there is therefore a discrepancy of approximately one month between the two systems, both of which are counting "months."

The correct way of measuring pregnancy avoids this confusion since the word "month" is not used at all.[1] Any official reference to pregnancy dates is always in weeks (and days when greater accuracy is needed) or trimesters.

Note: Our months are calendar months but in the pregnancy world a month may be any of the following:

  • 4 weeks
  • 5 weeks
  • A lunar month

Any reference to how many months pregnant you are contains this uncertainty unless the type of month is specified.

Pregnancy Terms in Months

How many months is Pre Term: Pre term is before 37 weeks which is approximately >8 Months
How many months is Early Term: Early term starts at 37 weeks which is approximately 8 Months
How many months is Full Term: Full term starts at 39 weeks which is approximately 9 Months
How many months is Late Term: Late term starts at 41 weeks which is approximately Mid 9 or 10 Months
How many months is Post Term: Post term starts at 42 weeks which is approximately End of 9 Months or 10+ Months


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