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About Weeks into Months

In the past it was common for pregnancy to be measured in months, but this is no longer the case and pregnancy is now officially counted in weeks.

Our weeks into months calculator calculates how many calendar months you are, based on the number of weeks' pregnant you are.

The concept of months in pregnancy is still part of our culture and pregnant women are often asked how many months they are. They might also like to keep track of the months themselves.

We recommend you think of your pregnancy primarily in weeks, but it can be useful and interesting to know your (calendar) months as well.

How Long is a Month?

Obstetricians traditionally used months that were exactly four weeks long. This has changed now and months are not officially part of prenatal vocabulary, whether 4 week months or calendar months. However, months are still commonly used by the general public and confusion abounds as to how long they are. On this site, every reference to a month is to a Gregorian calendar month (28 to 31 days long).

How to Use the Calculator

Enter how many weeks you are now and the calculator will take you to the results page which will show:

  • How many months you are
  • A social announcement for the month you are
You will also see links to:
  • Information about your week
  • Information about your specific due date including how many calendar months and days' pregnant you are now

Calendar Months

All references on this site to months are to calendar months. For example, if you are 6 months' pregnant, this means six full calendar months have elapsed since the first day of your last menstrual period or your ultrasound start date.

Last menstrual period = January 1, 2017
Current date = July 5, 2017
You are 6 months and 4 days' pregnant.
You are also in your 7th month, meaning you are approaching being 7 months' pregnant.

How Many Months Am I Chart: Months into Weeks*

Zero Months Pregnant0 Weeks - 4.34 Weeks
One Month Pregnant4.34 Weeks - 8.69 Weeks
Two Months Pregnant8.69 Weeks - 13.03 Weeks
Three Months Pregnant13.03 Weeks - 17.38 Weeks
Four Months Pregnant17.38 Weeks - 21.70 Weeks
Five Months Pregnant21.70 Weeks - 26.07 Weeks
Six Months Pregnant26.07 Weeks - 30.41  Weeks
Seven Months Pregnant30.41  Weeks - 34.76 Weeks
Eight Months Pregnant34.76 Weeks - 39.10 Weeks
Nine Months Pregnant39.10 Weeks - 43.45 Weeks
Ten Months Pregnant43.45 Weeks - 47.79 Weeks
*Weeks are approximate

Weeks to Months Progress Pages

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