17 Weeks
17 Weeks size comparison
Baby is the size of a
Baby at 17 weeks in womb

Baby this Week

  • With hands ready to grasp, baby now weighs 200gms
  • Baby can kick against the amniotic sac wall.

How Big is Baby?

Baby is 5.12 inches long (13 cm)
(Measured from crown to rump)
Baby weighs 4.94oz (140 grams)
*Metrics above are estimates of baby at 17 weeks
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17 Weeks pregnant illustration

Your Developments

  • 1 to 1.5kg (2.3 - 3.5 lb) weight gain over the past month. On average 10 1/2 oz (300 gms) a week.
  • Vaginal secretions are likely to continue.
  • The use of panty liners is recommended from now until the end of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy To Do's

  • The Triple Test and/or Amniocentesis are tests that are performed during the fourth month (if needed).
17 Week old baby in womb