6 Weeks
6 Weeks size comparison
Baby is the size of a
sweet pea
Baby at 6 weeks in womb

Baby this Week

  • Heart, blood circulation, and digestive tract take shape.
  • The embryo is a node about 0.196 of an inch long (0.5cm).
  • The head is one-third of its total length.

How Big is Baby?

Baby is 0.18 inches long (0.45 cm)
(Measured from crown to rump)
Baby weighs <0oz (0 grams)
*Metrics above are estimates of baby at 6 weeks
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6 Weeks pregnant illustration

Your Developments

  • You may be experiencing fatigue. This is thought to be caused by a change in the ovarian hormones.

Pregnancy To Do's

  • Exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep with frequent naps during the day.
  • Massage is a wonderful way to relax and become comfortable with the amazing changes happening to your body.
  • Rest.
6 Week old baby in womb