26 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is the size of a


Baby this Week

  • Baby now weighs about 1 lb, 11 oz (765 gms).

How Big is Baby?

Baby is 14.02 inches long (35.6 cm)
(Measured from crown to heel)
Baby weighs 1.68lbs (760 grams)

*Metrics above are estimates of baby at 26 weeks.

Your Developments

  • You will now be able to sense when your baby is awake.
  • Nose bleeds can sometimes occur because of increased blood volume and nasal congestion.
  • The placenta becomes thicker rather than wider.

Pregnancy To Do’s

  • If nose bleeds are an issue, try applying a little petroleum jelly in each nostril. A humidifier may also help. Do not irritate the nasal mucosa.

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