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About This Calculator

This calculator works out how much time is left until your due date. It gives your results in:

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

Knowing How Many Weeks are Left

How many weeks are left is likely to be one of the main things you think about when you're pregnant, and a question you will be asked constantly! Everyone wants to know, how much longer you have left until your due date.

Knowing how long there is to go until your due date can help with planning and preparation for baby's arrival. It can also help with organizing your to do list and organizing your schedule.

How it Works

Enter your estimated due date (EDD). You will then be taken to the results page where you will see how long there is to go until your estimated due date. You will also be given additional information about your due date.

Limitations of the Calculator

Our calculator has been developed to be highly accurate, nevertheless miscalculation is possible. The main reason for an incorrect result is incorrect input data so check that you have entered your due date correctly.

A Guideline Only

Although the calculator can accurately tell you how many days are left until your Estimated Due Date, it cannot tell you for sure how long it will be until your baby comes, so keep in mind that calculations based on due dates are only estimates of baby's arrival.