9 Weeks
9 Weeks size comparison
Baby is the size of a
Baby at 9 weeks in womb

Baby this Week

  • Development is proceeding rapidly.
  • The face is now complete with eyes, nose, lips and tongue.
  • Even primitive milk teeth.
  • Tiny bones and muscles appear beneath the thin skin.

How Big is Baby?

Baby is 0.90 inches long (2.3 cm)
(Measured from crown to rump)
Baby weighs 0.07oz (2 grams)
*Metrics above are estimates of baby at 9 weeks
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9 Weeks pregnant illustration

Your Developments

  • Breast heaviness.
  • Feeling flushed/reddened palms due to an increase in blood supply.

Pregnancy To Do's

  • Rest!
9 Week old baby in womb