When to Announce your Pregnancy

The first stage of pregnancy often comes with a question: “When should I announce my pregnancy?” This decision, unique to each individual, is influenced by a number of personal, social, and medical factors. In this guide, we’ll explore various considerations and popular timings for sharing the exciting news, ensuring you make an informed choice that resonates with your unique circumstances.

If you are not sure when to announce your pregnancy, consider the following:

  • Who do you want to tell first?
  • Who needs to know and when do they need to know? (for example, your employers or business partners).
  • Time your announcement. Be careful your announcement doesn’t overshadow other events (such as weddings or anniversaries).
  • 12 Weeks is a popular choice but is not a hard and fast rule.
  • Savor the moment!

Popular Times for Making Pregnancy Announcements

Straight away: If you’re super excited and want to tell some people, or – maybe – everyone you know, then go for it! On the other hand, it can be worth considering the advantages of waiting a little longer.

4 to 8 Weeks: Once you know you’re pregnant, you will probably be at least 4 Weeks’ pregnant. Any time from now on can be a good time to tell parents and friends. However, unless you swear people to secrecy, news travels fast so you may prefer to wait until you’re ready to let everyone know.

12 Weeks: 12 Weeks’ pregnant is the traditional time for making pregnancy announcements. If you haven’t already told close family and friends, this is a good time to let them know, and to tell anyone else who doesn’t already know, for example, people outside your immediate circle of family and friends – your boss, work colleagues, extended family, and other acquaintances.

Reduced miscarriage risk after 12 weeks: 12 Weeks’ pregnant is your first major pregnancy milestone. The embryo has developed its major organs and body structures and is now a fetus (10 weeks since conception). At this point the risk of miscarriage has dropped and women commonly feel ready to share their good news.

When to Make your First Doctor’s Appointment

Unlike your general pregnancy announcement, which you can do in your own time, it is normally recommended that you visit your doctor or obstetrician soon after you know you are pregnant. While some doctors recommend a first visit at 8 Weeks’ pregnant, it is never too soon to contact your health care practitioner to discuss and arrange your first appointment.


Deciding when to announce your pregnancy is a personal choice but there may be practical and personal implications that complicate the decision. You don’t need to rush anything and it can be a good idea to take a day or two (or more) before deciding anything.

Whether you choose to share your news immediately, wait until the traditional 12-week mark, or find a moment in between, the most important aspect is that the timing feels right for you.

As you contemplate your announcement, remember to prioritize your first doctor’s appointment, an essential step in ensuring both your health and your baby’s well-being throughout your pregnancy journey.

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